• Adriaan Boshoff Jnr
    Adriaan Boshoff Jnr
    Adriaan Boshoff Jnr – Impressionist South Africa – 1967 – It is a indeed bold endeavour when one chooses to echo the footsteps of a parent and when one’s father is an icon of his time who is critically acclaimed as one of the worlds best it can...
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  • Adriaan Boshoff Snr
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  • Anton Liebenberg
    My name is Anton Liebenberg, I was born in Pretoria in 1973. I always had a passion for the creative side in me. Even in primary school I started drawing drawings of cartoon characters.

    I went to Afrikaans Boys High and had art as a...
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  • Bernice Lemmer
    Bernice Lemmer
    Professional Visual Artist: Bernice Lemmer

    Bernice is a successful and talented visual artist, with extensive experience in creating any kind of Art or crafts. Having the advantage of growing up in a very creative and...
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  • Gordon Munro
    Born 1992 East London STUDIED : 2011 – 2013 understudy to artist Paul Munro Formal training in painting SUMMARY BIOGRAPHY: Gordon attended Beaconhurst Primary school, and after moving to Port Elizabeth, Sunridge Primary and matriculated at...
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  • Hannelé Viljoen Profile
    Hannelé Viljoen
    As a child, some of my earliest memories somehow related to creating something. From sewing to painting, I have been making things most of my life. I studied law, and throughout my career, art was my escape from the concrete world, where I could...
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  • Jana du Toit
    Jana Du Toit
    Born in 1945 in Moreesburg, Western Cape. Jana is one of South Africa's favourate self taught artists. Her pervasive designs and Autumn colours changes any room into a work of art. At age 72, she is on the verge of acclaiming old master status with...
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  • Jean Abrie
    Jean Abrie, South African Artist. Profile of the artist: The Southern African wilderness has been the subject of Jean’s work since his career started more than 30 years ago. His love for the African continent, its people and wildlife, developed...
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  • Jennefer Ann
    I was born in Salisbury, the Capital town in Rhodesia now known as Zimbabwe. My parents are Dutch and they moved to Rhodesia in their early 20s. Already as a little child in school I loved and practiced art. When I was in primary school I entered my...
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  • Lynette Barnard
    Lynette Barnard
    Studied art with ceramic design as my main focus. Lynette started to paint more seriously in 1988. “I use to be inspired” by the freedom feeling of Father Claerhouts work. “I called mine “Beginhoute” and have been working since then in all medias...
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  • Nasser Zadeh
    The painting in N. Zadeh's most recent body of work are distinctly impressionistic in nature, capturing a sense of the emotive experience of being in the location portrayed and emphasizing the play of light at a specific time of day. While N. Zadeh...
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  • Paul Munro
    Born in Cape Town, South Africa 12 March 1959. Matriculated at Thorton High Studied Commercial Art Diploma 1978 – 1981 I.C.S. Under the guidance and teachings of his father, Gordon Munro – an amateur artist, Paul started painting and drawing from...
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  • 2017 Petro Neal April-1
    Petro Neal
    In her life-time love for art eventually resulted in her enrolling at Pieter Millard Art School. Her love for art led her further afield when she participated in a sculpturing course with Charles Gothard. The two mediums complimented one another...
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  • Pieter van Heerden
    Pieter van Heerden
    I was born and raised in Gauteng, South Africa. After completing my military service, I entered the business world, and a few years later I studied theology. At the age of approximately 40, I painted on canvas for the first time. Immediately this...
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  • Renier Oosthuizen
    Renier Oosthuizen
    I was born in the early 60’s with the love for art in all it’s forms.

    My favourite pastime as a child used to be sketching and painting. My arty and inquisitive mind led me to create works from anything I could lay my hands on. After...
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  • Roelof Rossouw
    Roelof Rossouw
    I was born in Benoni, South Africa in 1957. My parents took me to every airshow and at the age of four I knew all the aircraft and made drawings of them. Aircraft and flight was my first passion then came comic heros like Tarzan, Cisco Kid, Flash...
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  • Stan Polson Profile
    Stan Polson
    Stan Polson was born in 1971...(a good cultivar), growing up with parents that love life...and everything it has to offer.Stan discovered his love of art and creating at the young age of 4 ,rather drawing than playing outside.....although a fair...
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  • Walter Fumani Maluleke
    Walter fumani maluleke, born 1991 in Limpopo province at a village called Thomo under Giyani Municipality in Mopani district to a broader. Maluleke started arts at a very young age when he was in grade 3 in 2003 at Thomo primary School. He had been...
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